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Our Services

Thank you for your interest in Charlie’s K-9 Camp. Below is a brief summary of the activities your pet will enjoy at camp.

Basic Obedience Training

The training of the basic obedience commands is guaranteed. If Charlie/Grace can’t train your dog the basic on leash commands of heel, sit, down, stay and come there is no charge. They will demonstrate that the dog has mastered the commands and show you how to work with your pet. We do work with any behavioral issues your pet may have. We will do our best to modify any unacceptable behavior. We have a good success rate but cannot guarantee to modify any unwanted behavior. Once your pet is home you will need to work with him/her to reinforce what s/he has been taught. We recommend dogs be at least 5-8 months of age. to attend camp. We have trained 5 or 6 month old pups successfully but prefer for them to be a little older if possible. Our fee for basic obedience training is $850.  This fee does not include pet food; we ask that you provide the food for your pet’s stay while here for training.

Advanced Obedience Training

Once a dog learns the basic obedience commands on leash it is a natural progression into more advanced training. As noted above the basic commands of heel, sit, down, stay and come on leash are guaranteed. Many dogs, once they have been taught the basic obedience commands will move right to off leash obedience with a little effort by the owner and no additional training is needed. Others require more structured training to work off leash. We do offer advanced obedience training of the commands off leash. We have to have sufficient time with your dog to reinforce the commands and let them know the same behavior on leash is expected when they are off leash. Your pet would need to spend a minimum of one week up to two weeks in addition to the two week of on leash training. The cost of advanced training is an additional $600 per dog.


Dog Boarding

We offer boarding for dogs while people are away for business or pleasure.  While here your dog(s) will enjoy their own individual kennel at night in a climate-controlled environment.  During the day if weather permits, they will enjoy the day outside.  If your dog(s) enjoy playing with other dogs we do match play groups of 4 or less by age, play style, and size.  We like to limit our play groups to two to three dogs to provide the safest environment for your dog while they are here.  You are welcome to bring blankets, toys, chews (no cooked bones please!), and moderate sized beds for your pet while they are here. We do have beds and blankets here if you would prefer to use ours.   

We do require that your dog be up to date on their Rabies, Distemper/Parvo and Bordetella vaccine. It is your responsibility to provide proof of vaccinations for each visit to our facility.  You may bring a copy at drop off or your vet may fax them to 336.712.0031.  This is for any of the services that we offer.  

At Charlie’s K-9 we take pride to ensure that your pet has the correct food. If your dog(s) require medication it is given with the upmost accuracy.  To ensure that your pet is receiving the correct amount of food we ask that you package their food in individual Ziploc bags per meal.

Our boarding fee is $18.00 per night. This fee is for all sizes/breeds. This is a straight per night fee with no additional charges for play time.  We do charge a fee for dogs that require 3 or more different medications or supplements per meal.  The $18 fee does not include pet food; we ask that you provide the food for your pet’s stay if being boarded.  If you do not provide food or do not provide enough food we will charge a fee of $1 per meal.  

Play Dates

When your dog comes in for a play date, we will match them with dogs of the same age, size and temperament.  We like to keep play groups small to provide a safe environment for them while they play.  We have found that it is best to keep groups limited to two to three dogs.  The largest number of dogs we allow to play together at once is four dogs.  The small play group allows the dogs to play, but to also be able to take breaks throughout the day.  By keeping groups small we avoid more active dogs irritating more low-key dogs which is usually when arguments break out.  

We offer play dates at a rate of $12 per day or $6 for a half day. Full day is 6 to 12 hours/half day is 6 hours or less. The day/half day begins when your dog is dropped off and ends at 6 p.m. each day. 

Dog Grooming

For more information about our grooming services, please contact the kennel at 336.766.4900. We will gladly schedule an appointment for your pet(s). 

Payment Requirements

Payment is expected when you pick up your dog(s). We accept cash, and the following credit/debit cards: Visa, Discover and Mastercard NOTE: There is a $10 minimum when using a credit/debit card.

Cancelation Fees

In order to fully serve all of our clients we ask that you notify us 96 hours in advance of a holiday reservation and 48 hours for routine reservations if your plans change and you no longer need to send your dog(s) to us for the specified time. If proper notice is not given and we have turned people away because we have a full house, you will be asked to pay for the time scheduled if you do not cancel within the specified time frame or if your dog is picked up early. With a valid email address on file you will receive an automated email reminders 10 days and 3 days before your reservation which will help you remember to contact us if there is a change in your plans. The reminders list the days your dog is scheduled to camp with us.

Vaccination Records

Whether your dog is here for training, boarding, play date or grooming we must have a copy of your dog’s vaccination records showing that all vaccinations are up to date. We require the Rabies, Parvo/Distemper and Bordetella (Kennel Cough) vaccinations. We are licensed by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture, Animal Welfare Department; they routinely check our records to ensure they are up-to-date. It is your responsibility to make sure we have current vaccination records. Dogs will not be allowed to camp with us without proper documentation that all vaccinations are up to date.

General Information

Most of our indoor runs have guillotine doors which allow your pet to go outside into a covered eight foot long private run. For dogs kenneled in interior runs we have covered 10x10x6 or 10x8x6 runs where they can enjoy being outdoors and play time with other dogs. Our goal is to provide a safe, dog friendly place for our campers to play together. Our pets Sniper and Bader enjoy spending time in their outdoor runs and we want to offer your pet the same opportunity.

We can provide references if you like or feel free to check the testimonials on our website. We are a small family owned business. Charlie has trained dogs for over forty years but we just started the actual business in 2008. Now that Charlie and I have retired (If you can call it that) someone will be here for your pet basically 24/7 unlike many kennels who only go in to feed/walk the boarders over the weekends and holidays and are otherwise off premises. During the week there are times when Charlie has appointments to meet someone to evaluate or work with a dog other than at our site. On weekends, like you, we enjoy spending time with our family. There will be occasions we are away from home for short periods of time. While we are away we make sure your pet is kenneled with plenty of water for the short time we may be away. I think I have covered the basics. Please let me know if you have any questions or if you need additional information.